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Get SERIOUS about your brand

Your brand matters. Don’t let the OTA’s hide your brand anymore. If you are going to work with an OTA, force them to advertise your brand!

AT SERIOUSTOURS we advertise your brand name, phone number and your booking links. 

Get SERIOUS about your bookings

The regular OTA is stealing your bookings and customers identity for their own good, not yours. Demand they direct book to your own shopping cart. They are playing the role of over-compensated go-between so they can make high commissions on your efforts while owning 30% of your revenue stream. They end up with a ticker symbol on Wall Street, not you. Change the game on them. Switch to Serious Tours today.AT SERIOUSTOURS we offer direct bookings to your shopping cart, and you hold the customer data, not us. 

Get SERIOUS about being competitive

The OTA’s have secretly gotten competitive against their suppliers without anyone noticing. They stole your brand, your customers email accounts, and 30% of your revenue.

At SERIOUSTOURS we are a real resource for you to grow your brand and sales and keep your customers email addresses. Work with us instead. 

Get SERIOUS about your actual sales data and trend analysis data — never give it away.

Some OTA’s use your own sales data against you and take your tour ideas from you and give them to other tour operators without you ever knowing.

At SERIOUSTOURS we don’t track your sales and don’t have the data to be competitive against you. 

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