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Our story

Our founder operated successful, but small tour businesses in New York, San Francisco, District of Columbia and Los Angeles for 17 years. He noticed that back in 2004, things were much simpler and travel customers got much better travel service than they do today. He claims “Today, it’s all cold-hearted apps” The Online Travel Agents (OTA) were born in 2014 and have grown in absurd popularity. Over time, they snuck in and became the go-between his four tour businesses and he later noticed the steady of decline in customer support became customary in all travel. Now he comes forward to seriously fix the OTA for the better by offering suppliers a fair deal to appear on these OTA networks, while reducing their costs, providing brand exposure and at the same time offer the end users the best chance to have a successful vacation with creation of SuperUser Access. 

“I get it!” he says, “small businesses were getting bogged down by customers calling their businesses requesting free overall travel advice on all things related to the destination.” Hence, suppliers signed up in droves to get free bookings and not have to answer their own phones from the regular OTA. “This was and still is the wrong way to operate.” Nowadays a lot of OTA’s send their calls off to India to reduce their costs even further creating more separation between the customer and the destination city.

With SeriousTours OTA, everyone wins. Customers can sign up for SuperUser access and will get the local support they need from local guides with expert knowledge of the destination and suppliers will get their brand identities back and will get to support their own customers and not rely on third party apps to offer this critical support.

Let’s get serious about your vacation! Serious Tours looks forward to serving you.